23 September 2011

Dear Argus Customer,

We thank you for the support and the confidence that you granted us over the years. The Argus has saved no less than 31 lives since 2006.

The recent bans from major manufacturers forced us to discontinue further production for the sport market, due to the impossibility to use our AAD in most rigs. We have been lobbying in St.-Louis at the PIA meeting with all involved parties to get the Argus back in the air – to no avail.

The manufacturers demand a brand new cutter design. This will take between 18-24 months and cost over 100,000.00 USD. We don’t get any guarantee that this solution will be accepted by those who issued the ban, so it is not a viable option.

Our Service centers will be able to continue the 4 year check-ups and the remaining ‘old’ cutters still will be exchanged for free. A limited stock of spare parts will be available.

The remaining stock of Argus SIS will be sold through our dealer network.

We are sincerely sorry for this unfortunate situation.

Kind regards,

Karel Goorts
Managing Director
Aviacom SA

P.S.: The Argus is allowed for use in the following rigs: Mirage, Wings, Dolphin, Racer, Infinity, Next and Basik.